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Thank you for your comment, Ashiata. I find what you say very interesting.

The Jews have so much power we westerners are stunned. Indeed, we are reeling with the circumstances in which we find ourselves. But the truth of the matter is we know where the Jews are, we know what they are doing and we know how they are doing it. Any battlefield commander would give an arm and a leg to have this kind of information about the enemy. We can go from there.

What threw us was this war is not honest like a hot war with lines drawn in the sand. This conflict is internal.

The west was unprepared for a parasitic war. We are not used to this kind of dishonesty. The rules are different. The battlefield is different. Our enemy nestles in our bosom like Cleopatra's Asp. An honest people have trouble dealing with something so alien and foreign to our nature. Lack of comprehension has been a troublesome problem. Much of it is due to a controlled communications system. But not all white men live in la la land. The good news is some of us do comprehend. Jews know it and fear it. They know our comprehension is their undoing.

Comprehension derives from an incorruptible Mind. The incorruptible minds of white men cannot live with dishonesty. It drives us to rule the world to keep the dishonorable Jews from ruling it.
The birth of every white baby is the First Born of the next generation.
"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof

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