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I'm sure Sandor will respond with his famous "Idiot" to my post Heather, but I'll give it a shot.
He's a traditionalist, as am I. Traditionalists believe in a cyclical, not linear, history.
Generally I think that the simple truth of the matter is that there has been no improvement in life quality but there has been an improvement in information availability. However, since selection has been stopped, less and less people can use it and even our language is being morphed to something more simplistic . When one reads something like 1984 and considers the "racist laws" of today we aren't all that far from the lowest level of government. Plato placed a dictatorship/syndicate right under a "democracy" putting us at one of the lowest points of world rule .

When I think of the constant simplifications of language and expressions of idea it becomes obvious why many philosophers are finding that language is so weak. More advanced ways of expression are either forgotten, ignored or not understood. We have lost a lot since then.

Most traditionalists believe we're in a dark cycle now, Kali Yuga, in which there will be no golden ages. Like the monks in the dark ages, we have to preserve the memory of our last golden age. One day, it will come again.
Being that humans are bodily weak and rely completely on behavior and mental flexibility its these two traits that should be targeted. First to wipe out the alien breed, second to breed selectively. This is a vision that was realized thousands of years ago without anyone knowing any details about genetics. Thus, objective science is not necessary for the improvement of humanity in general but it helps. Our folk should be both improved behaviorally and genetically (This is where science might help) but so far we haven't applied much barring a few exceptions. That is why I think that progress is non-existent as of today.