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They ain't alright just because they're White

I've been involved in the so-called "right-wing" for a number of years now, but when I step back and look at our so-called movement, especially more recently, I can't help saying to myself, "Why am I surrounded by so many 'misfits'?"

I'm sure that if you are honest, you would have to agree with me, so let's go back to the Third Reich and look at the differences between then and now. Then, the people who flocked to the National Socialist cause, were young idealists fighting for what they believed in: their race and their nation. Self-sacrifice was commonplace and heroism was an everyday occurrence, both before the victory in 1933 when the Brownshirts fought the reds, losing over 25,000 men in the streets alone, and afterwards on the battlefields of World War 2 when legions of men from every European nation were decimated time and time again in the Crusade for Europe.

You just can not compare these men with the dregs that call themselves "right-wingers" today. National Socialists then were the elite of our race, the cream of European youth. Most of the so-called "right-wingers" around today wouldn't have been fit to dig the latrine pits for the Waffen SS yet they claim to represent the White race and declare themselves to be the so-called vanguard.

Why is there such a difference I hear you ask? The problem now is that since the war, pro-White groups have been desperate for the numbers and will accept absolutely anyone just because they're White and call themselves racists. It doesn't matter what sort of lowlife they are as long as they are "our way". Quite simply, the Nationalist organisations that exist at the moment will accept anyone. The only condition of membership they seem to have is the ability to pay an annual subscription.

Obviously not everyone on the so-called "right-wing" falls short of the high standards of the past: there are people out there who believe in our cause and are willing to stand up and fight for it but let's take a look at some of the "problem cases" who are attracted to movements like ours so you will be able to recognise them and then deal with them effectively.

1) The cowards: these unfortunately make up the bulk of the right-wing. Blokes who are nothing by themselves join up to be part of a gang, give it the right large one when they are at a Nationalist event, sticking the boot in when the numbers are on our side but in reality are the sort of blokes who would watch a couple of spades push in front of them in a queue and do nothing about it, just look away. You all know the sort; without the beer for "Dutch courage" they're nothing.

2) The inadequates and losers: again the "right" is full of these types. They join because no-one else will have them. They don't fit into any mainstream groups and so they turn to the groups that accept anyone - the "right-wing" - where they have instant friends and drinking buddies.

3) Faggots: because of the nature of the movement, which is comprised of a lot of young blokes, queers tend to be attracted to it for deviant reasons. Some of these perverts will claim to be racist but don't be fooled by this: they are nothing more than subhuman degenerates. Most of the faggots who worm their way into Nationalist organisations often find themselves being very quickly booted out - quite literally.

4) Passing-trade: these are people who suddenly appear in the movement out of nowhere, have a short burst of activism, and then disappear as quickly as they arrived. These people may just be looking for a new experience - something different to the mundanity of their everyday lives - or they may be among us for more sinister purposes. Whatever the reason, they are a complete waste of space and should never be trusted.

5) The sickos and wierdos: these are the sort of freaks who believe in the Hitler=Evil equation that is spread by the media. These types are usually involved in "Satanism", cults, paedophilia, you name it. Luckily these people are very few in number but always prove to be the most embarrassing when they are exposed in the press etc, and we are all then tarred with the same brush. These people do not belong among us; if they hadn't infiltrated the "right-wing" they would probably be in some sort of cult. Our enemies love deviants such as these (often because they share the same interests) and will often encourage them to join us.

6) Drunks: mentally, these people are among the weakest specimens of humanity. They are in their element in the "right wing" because most of it is just a big drinking club.

So there it is: you may not want to hear it but it's true. The "right wing" accepts anyone and everyone - it has NO standards. We set ourselves up as though we are better than everyone else and talk about the general population as though they are all scum. Well the truth is that, percentage-wise, we most probably have far more scumbags in our midst than exist in the so-called "non-racist" general population.

The "right-wing" has a choice to make: either it cleans up its act and introduces some standards to ensure the quality of its recruits or it carries on being a freak-show for the liberals to laugh at on the TV. Personally, I don't want it to be the latter and I doubt if you do. It's up to all you decent activists out there to make a stand and help clean up the movement. If that means a significant drop in numbers then so be it. It is far better to have a small but hard core of decent, clean-living, committed activists than a sprawling membership of inadequates.
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