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Originally Posted by N.M. Valdez View Post
The fascist ideology of this website is essentially selective recycling of antiquated ruling class ideology, since genetic determinism was once very popular in ruling class circles in order to justify colonialism, slavery, and genocide, though subtler forms of eurocentrism are now in vogue.
'Fascist' as used by you and every other leftist has no meaning beyond you-don't-like-it. I, for one, have been consistently against centralized state power, which means it is impossible for me to be a fascist if the world has any actual meaning it can't be untethered from.

Neither do you pay the slightest attention to the fact that none of us here support the "White Man's Burden," as the people of those times referred to it. We, most of us, are not christians, and don't give a fig about leading you little brown people out of savagery into civilization - we don't think you're capable of it. That was a mistake made by our christ-cranked forebears, and we certainly will not repeat it. We demand our own nations, entirely free of your muddy presence, and that is what we will have, sooner or later. What we or you or anyone thinks about genetics is interesting or boring but in any case irrelevant. By no rational description is what we here at VNNF want today in 2011 any faintest relation to any ruling class ideology of old. The only similarity is that the oldsters, like we today, respect physical anthropology and genuine racial science - IQ measurements and such.

Of course, your genetic determinism and ethnic bigotry isn't particularly consistent; it's selective.
What's consistent is your refusal to accept our position for what it actually is, and your insistence that we be something we are not. Our position is this: race and races exist; and the differences between races matter politically. There's no mention of anything related to determinism, genetic or otherwise. It's a real world fact that races only mix under coercion, except around the edges, and that the vast majority of whites prefers to live around other whites. That's what our politics is based on. You continually try to construe rough racial groupings as though they're atomic particles. It doesn't work. It's you who refuses, yes, refuses, to see our politics for what it is, and insists it be something imaginary and inconsistent. And of course, you chip in your usual inability to conceive that a single anomaly doesn't destroy a valid generalization based on thousands pattern-producing examples.

The doctrine of inferiority of non-euros is a standard tenet of classical colonialist ideology
Silly reductionism. The colonialists weren't thick in the way you present them. It is you who dumps reality that contradicts ideology. The ruling class is whatever you say it is. So are colonialists. So are white nationalists. They're stock figures in the judeo-left's devil's pantheon, not actual creatures who act in history.

, but the only intra-euro "racialism" you adopt is against Jews, frequently typing of "Judeocommunism."
Jews are a racial hybrid - inbreds culturally and genetically a race unto themselves. It doesn't matter than they have genetic similarity of some degree to certain subsets of Mediterranean white - jews are distinctly hostile to Europeans, their race and culture - according to both us AND them. Again, your non-argument is simply another example of your false belief that a single counter example disproves a valid generalization. Race is rough around the edges is all your pseudo-argument reduces to. You're trying to turn that commonplace into the common lie that the White race does not exist to serve your vile anti-White agenda. But it does exist.

While the association of ethnic Ashkenazim-Sephardim with socialism is many decades old,
It's not an association, and it's not socialism. Marx was the original pseudo-scientific socialist, the creator of the system that created the worst horrors mankind has ever seen. He was dead by that point, but it was other jews just like him who boosted his ideas an put them into actual practice on the bodies of hundreds of millions of innocent Europeans. Jews aren't associated with communism, they are communism - per the quote from rabbi Wise.

Yet you do not write of the threat of Catholics, as with Samuel Morse's nineteenth century warnings of the Papist threat,
I most certainly do. But it's a different sort of threat I perceive. It comes not from the ethnic background of white Catholics, but from the church's dogmatic race denial.

nor adopt the antipathy to southern and eastern euro migrants historically prevalent in the U.S. and still championed by the fascist movement's "Nordicist" tendency
The problem with SE European immigrants wasn't racial but cultural; as soon as these groups met the, let's say, Anglo minimal for public interaction, they were more or less tolerated and accepted. To the extent they were acting like monkeys or following the jewish criminal scum into communist conspiracy, they were detested just as the radical jews were. The science of IQ and genes was not wholly worked out back then, so much of what was written was guesswork to account for the gap between what was observed and what was factually demonstrated beyond doubt to be the cause of any particular deficiency or peculiarity in a given immigrant group. What's truly telling from those times is not that some of the wise men back then made mistakes, it's that the jews narrators on your side turned honest mistakes into whopping lies about the character and beliefs of those honorable men of old, and used their fabrications to try to ensure the world had seen the last of foul Aryankind. Steven Jay Gould is the perfect example of the type your side produces: a shifty-eyed fabricator and vicious, lying genocidalist. You can bleat all day long about the genetic similarity between kikes like Gould and this or that subset of Aryankind, but you will never fool anyone except yourself that the gap between Gould and Grant isn't genetic before it is cultural.

or associate other ethnic groups that have genomic similarities to Ashkenazim-Sephardim with socialism, as with the association of Slavs with anarchism after Czolgosz assassinated McKinley (that eventually culminated in the First Red Scare and the Palmer Raids), or of Italians with the same after Sacco and Vanzetti were prosecuted and convicted. Maybe the people who espoused these classical prejudices were onto something that the "multiculturalism" behind modern white supremacism has blinded you to?
Not at all. Our thing is based on the commonsense notion that groups that don't get along shouldn't be forced together. And that means any groups - men, women, young, old, ethnicities and races. Yet again, your peculiar cataract obstructs your vision: the fact that ethnic tension exists within the white is used by you to invalidate far grosser and more dangerous racial divides and murderous incompatibility. You class a crack in the sidewalk and the Grand Canyon as the same thing. A small thing is not the same as a big thing. That basic point escapes you because, as a judeo-leftist, you're sworn to attack reality with ideology, and every bit of casuistry you can to sustain the imposition.

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