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Alex Linder

It's actually called Bidááʼ Haʼaztʼiʼ Tsékooh.
Really? I would have guessed it was the noise that gurgles out of a roadrunner crushed by a Toyota Tundra.

But seriously, it's cute that yet another white man took the trouble to turn the babble of stick-igloo dwellers into something vaguely reproducible on a computer keyboard. I'm sure you'll thank and credit him. Yeah...about as sure as I am the jews will credit the christians with curing all those other diseases.

The first is that your deluded worldview is influenced and shaped by your subjective anecdotal perceptions. While this is an inevitable condition of everyone's worldview, to some extent, the fact that your worldview is in fact so deluded is that it's dominated by anecdotal experiences that you perceive as negative.
I like what I like, but I like to write about what I don't like. I don't do heartstrings, nostalgia, love, or any of the other stuff that most do. Figuring out what's wrong is what interests me. I throw in personal anecdotes from time to time, where they are relevant. I make no more of them than is in them. You ought to concern yourself with your inability to grasp the simple fact that a statistical anecdote does not refute a profusely-exampled generalization.

When empirical evidence based on large data sets contradicts your worldview, as I have repeatedly demonstrated that it does, you dismiss it in favor of your anecdotes, the standard behavior of the religious fundamentalist who favors his preconceived ideological dogma and confirmation bias to reality.
It's your belief that you've demonstrated what you claim, but you haven't. To be accurate, your description fits your own attempts at constructing arguments much better than it fits mine. Your typical 'argument' is on the level of refuting the generalization that elephants are grey by pointing to the one in a thousand that's albino and claiming you've thereby refuted the myth that elephants are gray. You haven't. You've proved only you don't understand how to use such evidence as you can, in your indian way, scrounge from the white pseudo-academics (in many cases) you now worship, having given up on the jewish bibblards.

The second is that the bilagaana know in their hearts that they are markedly physically inferior because of the sedentary lifestyle that the majority of them have chosen to adopt, and feel the psychological need to perform essentially theatrical acts that they believe represent physical prowess to convince themselves otherwise.
Which sports do white men not dominate? Hardly any of them. Yes, sedentary lifestyles are a problem for many of us. You might even find yourself caught up in that at some point, it's not a racial thing. I mean, seriously, your people live in desert igloos made of dried out sticks, and you, with admirably jewlike chutzpah, turn the fact that your savage kin are basically animals into some proof of their inherent racial superiority. Yeah, so indians who do nothing but scavenge the desert for sustenance are more used to the broiling sun than Whites who don't? I'm not surprised by that. I do get a chuckle out of your presenting it as the result of a choice, rather than blank genetic incapacity.

You all sure seem interested in the white man's housing nowadays, or do you, as I've asked before, but you've declined to answer, live in your 'people's' traditional housing called the wickiup. Yeah...yeah. I guess this is some kind of beaner bravado thing; do you really think your enemy, of all people, doesn't see through you? Hell, there isn't anything about the indian you don't reject in favor of that nasty ol' white culture: not his housing, not his computer, not his language, not his academic papers, not his food - not a single damn thing. The very arguments you use to make your case that indians are phsyically superior are cribbed from some ancient white guy. And to reach that ridiculous generalization of indian cultural, physical and genetic superiority, you have to ignore the direct and GENERAL words of one of the greatest white writers, one of the funniest and most insightfully deep-seeing men who ever put nib to pulp, to scrounge up a stray paragraph or two of praise from an unheard of nobody you'd (pardon, the leftist white man you cribbed the cite from) drop in an instant if it didn't conform to your preset bigoted views. And you're the one accusing me of selective and anecodotal when it comes to evidence? You who build a whole racial superiority theory out of a random paragraph? You're a funny guy, but never advertently. You, quite understandly, like 99% of your kind, threw away your own culture the instant white men showed you something better. I don't blame you. I just note that you don't have the character to acknowledge the truth. But of course that's nothing more than what the great Twain said about the redskin's racial character. Since you keep harping, I will too: why do you ignore what the great man said, at length and repeatedly, for what the man of no particular note said once and fleetingly? How is that not being selective and prejudicial and partial and bigoted and all the other charges you level against me? Your description of me doesn't fit me but it sure does fit you.

Though Southwestern Indians historically and presently accomplished and continue to accomplish arduous physical routines of much greater intensity, this little jaunt is symbolic of the sad remains of euros' attempts to reconnect to the outdoors.
Too funny. Here is this chollo in the most overpopulated area on earth outside of Bangladesh using white-liberalspeak to decry a white man's afternoon hike. "Reconnect to the outdoors." Good lord, what kind of a faggot are you? Only white liberal fags talk like that. I go fishing or walking or hiking, but I damn sure do not reconnect with the outdoors. I mean, you really make it hard to believe you are what you claim you are. You're pure SWPL with a jewy veneer of sitcom psychoanalysis and pseudo-academic race-sophistry. Most of the stuff you do dredge up that isn't false is off point. That we don't bother on about it persuades you you've won the argument and crushed us like bugs. Whatever, if it makes you happy to think so, that's great. If there were world enough and time, it might be interesting to delve into the history of asian interlopers in America, but there isn't, and so we focus where it's needed: on the ruling jews and how to organize against them.

One of the reasons that Germans, including Hitler himself, were so enthralled by Karl May novels, is that the heroic frontier adventures of Old Shatterhand and Winnetou represented virtues of the rugged outdoorsman and warrior that the majority of them were personally unfamiliar with.
Um...well...yeah...sort of. Germany is pretty heavily populated. There's no scenic vistas as you get in the Old West. So they like reading adventure stories, so what? It doesn't mean anything more than that. The American Westi is a great place, and as far as I know, there is nothing like it in Europe. Germans like traveling, in books and in real life. Everywhere you go you will find Germans.

A related point is that the essential "conquest" of the "Grand Canyon"
symbolically represents the victory of man over nature and your psychological need to conquer a powerful foe and assure yourself of your own rugged masculinity.
So jejune, I mean, really. You really need to stop reading jewish pseudo-academics and actually try to think some things out on your own, see if you can actually come up with an idea that tests out and didn't originate with any authority YOU are aware of. Because your 'think'-lifing is pure nautilus. Time for the free weights. I didn't conquest the canyon, it conquested me! I wanted a lark and a fitness test, of a cheap and easy sort, and got a bit more than I bargained for. It's easy to read it as you have, but in the end, it's just something you don't get as many chances to do when you're 40 as when you're 20, that's all.

Now...if you want to get personal. I've never in my life been fat, and spent my entire youth outside playing sports, to the extent I wasn't reading books privately or in school.

Honestly, red "man," is there a white vice you haven't acquired yet? You've taken up the worst our shitty bible preachers and crank academics; you've gotten fat and sloppy from our crappy processed food; you spent at least as much of your life on computers during the prime physical years of your life as anyone - who the fuck are you calling white, red man? You're the fucking white man. Fuck, you're whiter than I am, for chrissakes. If you perceived irony, you would know this without me telling you. You think you're stomping us like bugs here, but the joke is on you. On some level, you do know, I'm just holding it up front and center so you quit denying it.

Nah, nah, you go on back to the Sonora desert. A smart guy like you can work up a wikiup in no time flat. Sit inside your stick igloo, sup on your lizard jerky and prickly pear dessert. Walk fifty miles a day in 115-degree sunbake. You know - the way the superior race does it.

You keep talking about how we evil whites stole your land. Even if that's true, well, we sure didn't steal the place your kind comes from. Absolutely no one is stopping you personally from living the way your kind traditionally has, out in the scrub, all wildlike, healthy, connected up with nature (is that a USB plug?) and shit.

Or you could grow up and admit the virtues of the white men and civilization your entire existence, mentality, day-to-day life, desires and ideas are predicated on and formed by. The joke isn't even on you, it IS you, until you achieve the level of insight that lets you see yourself for what you are. You have the brains, but not the character, but maybe that is just a product of age.

Here's the difference between you and me. I don't spout on about things I don't ACTUALLY like and ACTUALLY believe and ACTUALLY do. If I were you? I'd be living in the fucking desert, eating scorpions, walking fifty miles a day, all while claiming I really liked and admired people who type on the computer and work desk jobs for a living.

I live White. Do you live red? Fuck no you don't. And you don't want to. And that's ok. What's white is vastly preferable to what's red. What's not ok, or what is despicable, is that you can't even admit that truth to yourself, which gutlessness is the only truly red thing about you, at least if we're to accept Twain's characterization of indians as cowardly. Maybe he's wrong, but we you can't prove it by you. Can we?

Who the fuck is stopping you from living EXACTLY the way your people have lived since they wiped out the aboriginal whites in the American Southwest, or another subset of reds who accomplished that mission before the Apaches displaced them? The evil racists at VNN that you "crush like bugs"?

You're the joke, son. Now go take a lap, spray someone else's property with your tuff little gangfag sign and make yourself feel better. Tool.

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