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I work with a guy who's a young single father of a teenage son who gives him a lot of problems, including not going to school. One morning he was on the phone with the boy, who had yet again not gotten up to go to school which was well within walking distance, and he said out've sheer frustration: "Dude, you are killin me. One of these days you're going to look back and say "I was such a [bleep]."

What is scary is that there are so many people who never bother to evaluate their own behavior. For so long we got by in this country with discipline coming in the form of a father with a bible and a leather belt. However, the bible actually creates reprobates by it's faith, guilt, and fear based teachings; and not really offering what is truly "good" beyond head-in-the-clouds nonsense. Since 85% of Americans are still Christians, and with a system that encourages certain horrible behavior.. it's a recipe for disaster.
Low-key consequentialism works best - so long as rule violations are punished quickly and harshly. Christianity made the world high strung with its piffletalk about absolute morality. Hard enough to pay attention to what's in front of your nose without worrying about some imaginary world.