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Originally Posted by brutus
And by virtue of these facts, it does seem incredible that not one person has stepped forward to expose the scheme. Having said that, I would not be surprised if allot of the participants who were involved in the scheme are no longer with us.
I'd agree with that macabre assumption.

A year or so back a Dr Olmstead took a FOI request to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) to get them to reveal the identities of the victims of the Pentagon Plane, Flt77.

Autopsies were performed and AFIP was able to identify all persons aboard that Plane with exeption of a small girl, presumed to be the child of a couple on board. It took Dr Olmstead considerable effort to obtain this information, so we may assume AFIP was reluctant to release it.

The list corresponds exactly with the official Passenger List. Neither the Passenger list nor the AFIP list has five unidentified bodies being on board, as per the 'official' fairy tale. To a reasonably thoughtful person, this would suggest a strong case exists for there actually being NO ARABS of Flt77.

It would also explain why AFIP and the Airline were reluctant to produce their lists. The punters out there might get to thinking. No Arabs on board, then WHO FLEW THE PLANE INTO THE PENTAGON?

However, that's not the only peculiarity Dr Olmstead's list revealed.

He checked each persons background. An improbably high number of those on board worked for outfits which supply hi-tech military equipment and remotely controlled Pilotless Aircraft Systems. Many of them in extremely secretive posts. One guy was so highly classified, his family was not allowed to know what he was doing.

Dr Olmstead revealed tha a number of relatives of the deceased were LURED on board this flight. One fellow claimed his nice was murdered.