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"...called into question whether nonwhite players should be on the national team."
The answer is obviously NO and theres no debate possible. However, football is by far the most destructive media tool in warping the entire idea of National "identity". A nigger on the National team dwarfs any other anti-WHite efforts in media, movies, music all pale in comparison. And it sucks to write this because football is by far my favorite team sport, and over the years we can see how the concept of a Nationl-Team representing a people has been destroyed and replaced by a multiracial monstrosity representing a "country".
Whats far worse is that fans have ben conditioned to accept such a relity, sicne they have no concept of Race and think a "people" is defined by lines on paper or a common language. How can a society continue when a nigger is refered to as "German" or "Dutch"?..what reps France is beyond horrible. Fans are even worse because they either do not care about the reprocuusions of such changes or real scum think its "fine" or "ok".
But to emphasize how much WORSE its going to get, watch some under-21 National teams..all have non-White players and I have yet to hear of an athlete to refuse playing for a team becasue he feels the racila-construct is an insult and lie. Granted, footballers are not terribly bright, but what can we say about a man who considers a nigger his "mate'. I actually know a few guys who played pro-football in Germany and Italia, and while they admit they disliked less talented afro-imports they shrug it off as a minor threat..how could Europe be threatened by a lesser athlete from Africa chasing a football? Real easy actually.
Best football example is not an National team as much as
Chelsea FC..right there we see the world kikes have planned are are rapidly achieving . Owner= kike oligarch Abramovitz, who stole billions from Russia; management team headed by kike coach with kikes and useful-goyim running the show and since the goys get fed well, they serve Abromovitz wonderfully.
The worker goyim..aka players, every conceivable racial mix all thrown together to serve the kike overlord and the fans can't pay enough to cheer their REAL Royal family of kikes not some clowns playing dress in a palace. If it were just England, no big loss, but teh disease has spread to EVERY White nation. AL this over a kids game...
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

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