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Originally Posted by Billy Wood View Post
Thank you George, Those who preach racial purity as a path to a god should make sure they first fit the bill or they are hypocrites 'in the name of jesus'.

For example: I build a private club & call it " the Temple bar & grill". We are serving food & libations & playing music & are open 24 hours a day except sunday. We have doormen & a dress code. We are also an exclusive club only for those having blond/blue/white [ I will refer to this as bbw , also how i like my gals ]

A patron walks up to the door & if he/she is bbw then they get in...

If they dont fit the bill, then they will be asked to leave, or escorted away depending on the patrons behavior.

Now the rejected patron has a few logical choices.
1. Go back home to their traditional family bar & grill.
2. Find a different bar & grill more suited to their tastes.
3. Open their own bar & grill.
4. Eat at home more often.
5. Give up drinking & fried foods.

What I have witnessed is more often someone who is not bbw trying to convince the doormen that they are bbw, even though one look proves otherwise. These poor unfortunates seem to be the ones that stir up the most negative vile filth 'in the name of jesus' that i have personally witnessed & i used to work in a biker bar when i was a kid. They are usually delusional due to childhood programming

Thats the final reason I believe the new testamant to be a forgery written by a group of fiction writers assembled for the Nicean Counsel in 322ad & developed to enslave the Aryan race by twisting our natural culture & traditions into a bizarre lie. I will do a discourse on the old testament at a later date.
no, talk to hugh about your blond fetish, I disagree with it.
I understand and do not understand.