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Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse View Post
It took me a while to realize that a massive cupcake is . . . a cake. I laughed about it last night.
yeah, there was actually some back and forth on that. i guess there is some tiny difference, but yeah its basically we have a term for that it's called CAKE you goofy bint!

The thing is, a lot of people really do feel in this manner. I suspect Whites on the "left" have a higher degree of this (fervid) imaginary empathy than Whites on the "right."
extremely sensitive people are the biggest assholes in the world.

look, nobody really gets anyone else. that's why we have manners. and your job, as one of the human throng, is to realize in any relation there will be some bumps and cuts. dont take it too personally. get over yourself. think of others a little. and show some manners. that's the best we can do. hey, i didn't make the world, i cant be held legally responsible. i dont like it any better than you men.

But these latter folks still get hoodwinked on the high points of the program. . .race, jews, et al. The Holohoax relies at its core on this response in its targets.
yes. there is a time in life when people can be morally inflamed, and its when they're young and their heart is open. and the jews channel this impulse into their foul lagoon of lies.

For instance, I think a lot of the anti-death penalty folks--rank & file I mean, not the ringleaders--imagine themselves to be taking the needle, etc, or imagine themselves waiting for execution. Kind of a mental fetish. It's not so much that they're pro-nigger/spic/crime (though that plays, too, at least the first two), it's that they imagine how horrible it truly is, mix in "two wrongs don't make a right" pseudo-philosophy and think up a cause.
there may be some honest sentiment in their opposition. what they dont get is they are the ones with no real respect for human life. executions show respect for the executed. "corrections" do not.

Same with the sundry environmental stuff. The rank & file greenie. . .many of them actually imagine themselves as whales, etc. . .or even trees. PETA people might be the ultimate example of this mentality run amok.
yeah, college girls. but the ones behind them are quite cynical.

And the cafeteria person. . .I can say with 99.9% certainty that it's a young White woman--even without the Jezebel reference. Just like in these environmental groups it's 90+% White.
yeah. they're almost all white. and pseudo-educated. they're dumb in the way only smart people can be.

Probably the same phenomenon in the pro-life movement. It fits the pattern.
i learned a lot from observing a huge dc rally for and against abortion. women seem, because they cry, to be more sensitive than men, but truly they are not.