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With difficulty.

US WN needs to learn the concept of inner and outer circles.

Foundations with a publicly acceptable outer circle, and which can accept tax free/tax deductible donations are the start.
Within those, one can then channel support to the inner circle, and work on the real cause.

Written material is essential, but for mass appeal videos are needed. A video of a few minutes, like a news show, can reach thousands. I read somewhere that 10 % of people read newspapers and magazines and books, which seems accurate.
That's why we struggle to reach the masses.

Football is well financed, players well paid and government supported, its leaders can do and say as they please, the players have little say, coaches have immense power.
US WN is the opposite.

American football would become White if it removed the protection its players wear, and they dressed as rugby players do.

Once a few blacks had been thrown onto the ground and scraped along the dirt, blacks would run away.
For Whites on the other hand, it's a rush of note sliding along the ground grinding your opponent into the dirt and putting the boot in as you do so.
The worse it hurts, the more determined you are to stay in the game and hit back.

Most WN starts with trade unions, and the men in them love playing sports, the rougher the better.

Most European nationalism recruits its core from the soccer ultras, hard core sports fans, particularly at international games, when national feelings run high.
It also needs unemployed hooligans as the street fighters, and these are found at soccer events.Most of the young soccer fans are fathers or their sons have fathers in the trade unions, and trades. Poor, hardworking men are the core supporters of nationalism, but they are unable to lead.
When they find an intellectual who can work alongside them, then they are unstoppable.

Whilst the leadership of the EDL in the UK were fakes, their followers were not. Within months, the message had recruited thousands and thousands. The leaders have now destroyed the EDL, but the message lives on, and spreads. In time, it will find genuine organisers.

It will be the same in the US. A focus on the issues and message relevant to Whites in the US today, not other countries decades ago, and WN in the US will take off.

The insistence that WN is only true WN if it worships other parties from other countries in other times is a major factor in its irrelevance for most Whites, especially poor ones, who make up the bulk of WN, as they have the most to win from government change.

If US WN focused more on mass appeal via sports, and better, more normal music, instead of mostly untalented screaming, and on the issues unemployed Whites face, it would go far.
It's mostly an intellectual exercise at present, necessary in the early stages.

Unplanned action, without forethought, means nothing.
Actions planned within wider strategy make changes happen.

Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

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