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Stewart Meadows

Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
Yeah coldfire you better listen to Stewie and post in 'his' threads

Better not make your own thread on a subject or the 'post police' will come down on ya bwahahahaha!

What kind of German are you that lets a punk with a pussy British name like Meadows speak to you that way?

Verbally bitch slap that mother-fucker boy, or you will force our hand!
I wasn't criticizing ColdFire for starting this thread, I simply wanted to be helpful by telling our readers that I had already started two threads about the European elections that focused mainly on Italy and France, respectively.

I think that ColdFire is a valuable forum member who has started lots of interesting threads, and I've said so publicly. However, if he thinks that my previous post was an attack on him, then I'm willing to apologize to him, right here, right now.