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Originally Posted by Jim Harting View Post
Congratulations and keep up the fight!

The sad fact is that the VAST MAJORITY of White Americans have never held single piece of WN or National-Socialist literature in their hands.

It is wrong to claim, as some demoralizied comrades do, that the White people of the U.S. have "rejected" the Movement. Most of our kinsmen do not even know that the Movement exists -- and those that do almost always have a false idea of what it is all about.

They NEED to see Movement literature, so that they are exposed to our life-saving, race-saving message without hostile mediation!
Thank you for your words of support, they are badly needed. Distributing pro-White literature does make a difference, regardless of what anyone says. The media of course will only interview those people that receive pro-White fliers and are opposed to our ideas. So many who receive our literature are in favor of what we are about. Also, as you have pointed out, many do not even know we exist. It is up to us to make them aware. That is why literature distribution is very important.