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Default Financing is Easy

Financing is easier now than ever before, and no one wants to believe it.

Money is what pays taxes. You are a political movement. So, issue a worthless currency, but aim for having the currency good for taxation once you take power, at dollar parity. As your movement grows, it will gain value out of nothing, out of thin air....and hard work. To make something out of thin air is a misnomer.

If you start a corporation, you have to decide how many shares the corporation is authorizing, such as, 1 million, 100 million, 10 billion. You have a vision; a number suggests itself congruent with the vision. So, you write the number down on the incorporation form. 10 billion shares, "right out of thin air." That's how it's done.

Gold is not money, unless the king wants taxes paid in gold.

To go off the gold standard means to accept something, other than, gold for taxes, such as, paper, chickens, leaves, block chain units.

How to finance a white movement?

1. Make a "white dollar" on a blockchain.

2. Commit the movement, as such, to making that "white dollar" good for taxes dollar for dollar once you take power. E.g. 10 billion units of white dollar will be good for $10 billion in tax deductions, sooner or later, if the movement succeeds. It succeeds or you die, in which case, all is worthless, including dollars. So bet on success.

3. Now discount the white dollar from $1 to determine it's present value, accounting for risk and interest. White nationalists are afraid of interest.
Suck it up. E.g. 1 dollar discounted for 20 years at 8% is 22 cents. Then, discount it for risk. If your odds of success at present are 1/10, this gives the white dollar a present value of 2 cents. The market cap is 10 billion x $.02 = $200 million. Go ask a Jew if this makes sense.

4. Now you have a resource with value, based on scenario analysis, that you can work with. What does $200 million in resources mean to the odds of success? Before you had nothing. Now you have something. Maybe the odds double. Now you have $400 million resources.

5. Pay people for their time and volunteerism in "white dollar."

6. People buy and sell it, or work for it, to get a market's price. That's market making. Teach people the technology, and how it works, and why it has value. If you succeed, the White Dollar is $1 per unit. People start to believe because you know how to succeed.

This is a currency outside the FED. You issue it. It's a fulcrum to move the world. You have your money marked to the success of your political movement, like a stock. As it grows stronger, the value goes up. And you know its final value. That pulls more and more people along, if they have imagination, instead of a fixation on doom, failure, and running for their cans of beans.

For some reason, white nationalists don't do finance, bitcoin, and don't think like this. They have a shelter-in-place mentality, a small brain, when it comes to money and organization. You have to think like me

I've offered this idea to a lot of white nationalists. Basically, no response, except, from 3 people, a revisionist, an artist, and a video guy. That's good.

Where are the rest? They accept dollars, or produce articles for free.

That doesn't finance anything big time. Contributors get nothing. What if contributors received some compensation? That gets it off the ground.

You need $2 billion to win the presidency. You need millions of commitments. You need the right designed unit in the right quantity, so the movement can win.

A movement funds itself and builds confidence in itself. That is just like a company offering stock options to employees. They are worthless in the beginning, but with effort and visibility, people start to get it.

I started Storm Dollar on BAM.

Make a free account.

I also started a new unit called the Volksmark (VM). Instead of being good for taxation, it will be good for tuition at a new university, dollar for VM. So, the tuition window will accept dollars or Volksmark at parity.

Now I can give contributors say 3 Volkmark for every dollar contribution to found the university. They are getting 3 for a dollar, but at the window they are good for $3. Students will want to discount their tuition. Maybe they will offer 50 cents for a Volksmark. Students get a discount, and the contributors get their money back and a little something extra.

With regards to Storm Dollar, there should be a White National Congress created across the country, one chapter in each district, and the organizers get Storm Dollars for various volunteer activities: flyers, speeches, organization building, fund raising, with extra Storm Dollars given to their contributors. Now you can bring in $100 million in regular cash. That professionalizes everything.

Once you have a presence in 434 Congressional districts, you have an self-funded institution, which can distribute Storm Dollars to new volunteers for their participation, and on and on. Now you have a movement with millions of people working to make their Storm Dollars good for taxation.

Mitt Romney had 39,000 volunteers, for comparison. Storm Dollar is isn't pegged to a candidate's success, but to a movement's success, and can sustain itself over several election cycles, until it's impossible to win, after 2030. Then it's can of beans time.

As you take power, you dovetail pro-white/pro-European policies.

1. End the federal government and go to regions like New England, the Old South, the Arizona borders states, the NYC and mid-Atlantic states, and the German counties from western NY and along the mid-west/Rockies. Make sure you ban Jews from political, financial, and media power, as you negotiate each region's exit. Each region can solve their racial issues their own way, but all ban Jews from politics, media, and finance.

You can't have world gov.t if America is in pieces.

2. Forfeit WWII. Expose the lies. Withdraw from Germany, Japan, Korea, UN, etc..

That's how it's done.

The Jews are all over bitcoin though with $300 million investments, most of which, will flop. Bitcoin will flop as a mass market coin because it has no political movement behind it to make it good for taxation.

Storm Dollar can succeed because it's designed to.

700 billion units, just like, the banker's bailout.

Whites have FIAT power. They decide what's money, if they bother. The power is in your hands. Use it.