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Sam Emerson
Diversity = White Genocide
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Sam Emerson

Originally Posted by Emily Jane View Post
Mr. Emerson has clearly given this some serious thought. Yet I see a serious problem:
Finance is always the key step. The problem is where to direct the money. White Nationalism is so fractured. Until there's unity in our efforts, how can those efforts be financed? Where does the money go?
Start with Alex Linder.

A. Linder
POB 101
Kirksville MO 63501

Cash or money orders are anonymous, you don't have to include a real return address.

If there are other White nationalist activists whose work meets with your approval support them as well. If you like their work keep sending money, if you don't stop and let them know why you stopped.

Don't waste money on conservatives who refuse to talk about race and the jewish problem.

For now we don't need unity, we need growth. By supporting WN activism you create the laboratory for more activist experiments. The ones that work will stand out from the crowd, and can form the core of the united White front of the future.