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Sam Emerson
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Sam Emerson

Originally Posted by Lorenz Kraus View Post
Jews can't stop people who just want to have fun. Everything they invent is against fun: rules, rules, rules. They want you to search your soul, worry about complying with Jew laws, God's laws, Jesus; they want you confused; they want you to find yourself, your self-esteem, your id, your g-spot, (as if those exist) to doubt yourself, to doubt your fellow men, to seek guidance from your elder brothers, instead of, to lash out at them, because it's fun.
Now that jews write the actual laws you can go to jail if you don't follow them. The prisons are full of people who just wanted to have fun.

Jews can't stop people who find it fun to drive Jews out of their political, economic, and cultural system. Jews, certainly, find it fun to drive you insane with modern art. They find it fun to drive you out of your own country and shove sodomy down your throat! Fight fire with fire, fun with fun.
What do you do after the jews get you fired, you're unemployable, your savings have been exhausted, your rent is due and all you have is a pocket full of Storm dollars?

Solve that and the fun begins.