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Originally Posted by Sam Emerson View Post
A collective enemy requires a collective response. No one person can do any of this. The irrelevant crap you do by yourself is masturbation.
It does require a group.
Do you have a group?
Then are you creating a group?
Then it is fantasy, and very old fantasy, these ideas have been knocking about for around at least a decade, most are on VNN already, probably where you picked them up. No one has taken them up.
You yourself don't agree with them, since you don't do them.
Tax evasion is not smart.

Remember, you're showing us doing real life things the better way to do them.
That requires you to do things in real life.
So where are the real life things you are doing and have done?

I don't do anything by myself. With several friends we created a residents and business association for our several suburbs, which tied in to various programmes such as crime/fire/disease prevention through environmental design, which are now being embedded into the city's official standard
practice. Always link into existing, funded programmes, and turn them to advantage locally.

In time we we were invited into a political party, and several of my friends are now councillors, others we have made friends with are fire, health inspectors and prosecutors.
Our wards form a bloc and we survey them thoroughly quarterly. We meet with the local police monthly and provide details of slum houses, illegal businesses etc. which over time mostly get shut. That's where most illegal immigrants live. Removing slums, illegal immigrants and illegal liquor cuts the drug trade, prostitution, domestic violence.
Crime has dropped, property prices increased.
Bylaw enforcement particularly health and fire removes many blacks.
Anonymous reporting of tax evasion particularly by liquor stores is not difficult.

We work on our health services, infrastructures, schools etc. and life for whites in our area has improved tremendously. We have strong disaster and emergency management in place, and several local NGOs teach food gardens etc.

Through several churches there are orphanages and old age homes and clinics.

Annually the city has a planning session and that's where the major projects get put in place.

If one cannot do these basic day to day tasks, and fix up ones own area, then all this talk about taking on the world is so much hot air.
Start where you are, and fix up where you live first.

You'll get a lot further if you don't label yourself or your activities WN.
Do Whites benefit? That is the yardstick.

WN requires the ability to run a government.
Activities need to be focused on government.

Secession has had some 700 000 sign petitions in support.
It is the ultimate form of nationalism.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.