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jewsign Lies: ADL’s “White Extremist Murder” List Contains Sanders & Obama Voters, Mixed-Race Gangs, Domestic Disputes

The Anti-Defamation League’s
that “white supremacists” committed the majority of “extremist” murders in 2017 is an outright lie,

and includes murders by mixed-race gangs,

Obama and Bernie Sanders voters, domestic disputes,
divorce cases gone wrong, and even criminal prison gang violence—

all to to smear white people and hide the truth that the majority of "extremist" murders in America were caused by Muslim terrorists.

The ADL report, titled “Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2017,” claims that “white supremacists were responsible for 18 of the 34 murders documented in 2017”—and that “20 of the 34 extremist-related murders in the United States in 2017, or 59%, were related to right-wing extremism.”

This claim has already been repeated ad infinitum by the controlled media—but a detailed analysis of the ADL report’s “list of incidents” shows that they contain

– five domestic disputes,

– three murders in prisons by criminals,

– three murders by a Muslim convert of his roommates who made fun of his conversion to Islam,

– two murders in a completely unrelated school shooting,

– a shootout with police started by a 9-11 Alex Jones conspiracy theorist, and

– two unrelated white criminal acts (one involving a home invasion by a gang of blacks and whites), all as “evidence” of these so-called “white supremacist” murders.

Here is the full ADL list, broken down by the nature of the incident.

Thus it can be seen that the vast majority of politically motivated genuine “extremist” murders carried out in 2017—as opposed to “ordinary” murders—were committed by Muslims, not “white extremists.”

The ADL has, in their usual lying fashion, ascribed “white supremacist” motivations to a large number of incidents which have nothing to do with politics, all in an attempt to portray white people as evil and the source of the problem.

In fact, all that these ADL lies do is expose once again this Jewish organization’s unbridled hatred of white people, to the extent that they are psychopathically prepared to lie brazenly in public—all as part of an ongoing campaign to blood libel Europeans.