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Default The ignorance of the broad masses when it comes to the inner nature of the Jew makes them easy victims of Jewish propaganda.

One aspect which we take into account is that because Jews had a religion of their own, they kept their race pure. It wasn’t the political community that made it possible for them to keep themselves racially immune, but the community of religion. And the strength of their religion is that it is not merely their religion, it is also their law. Their faith, which encompasses all of them, allows them to live and strive in a single, straightforward and unwavering direction. Their God gives them a political promise, a completely worldly objective, the prophecy of a purely earthly seizure of power, beyond which there is nothing - not eternity, not something divine, not something exalted, that might transcend this material seizure of power, raise itself beyond the goals of tribal power, and lead mankind to a higher level. Mosaic law was preserved as a set of rules for their lives, how to lead them, and how this tribe kept racially pure. These regulations were a religion, which was strictly tailored to the nature of the race and which simply and clearly, without dogma and dubious rules of faith, objectively and quite realistically contained whatever served the future and the self-assertion of the children of Israel. Everything is focused on the welfare of its own people, nothing in consideration for others.
A martial religion, Aryanism is free of claims of a Heaven, Hell, or supernatural god.