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Ben Vinyard
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Doing the devil's work for him:

"Tired of getting kicked off VNN, banned, and refused registration?" begins the e-mail. I have received a couple of invitations from "different" sources, one of which was an e-mail account fraudulently using Billy Roper's name.


By the way, for the record, I banned Bob Rudisill. For being Harold Covington. I did a trace on his internet address and it matches. No doubt most of the posts on the Not VNN forum are by Covington himself under assumed names. For those who have had the misfortune of being included on one of Covington's e-mail lists you will recognize some of his aliases.

I don't mean to give undue advertisement to Covington's yahoo group but I have had reports of others being spammed with similar e-mails and felt I should give a fair warning.

Ben Vinyard