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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Thor Odinson 10 months ago

Jesus preached tolerance of evil (i.e., Turn the other cheek, refusing to answer Pilate's charges, telling Peter to not strike his captors with his sword, surrendering without fighting his captors, etc).

Thor, one of the traditional "pagan" gods of Norse mythology--through example, not by mere words(!)--taught that evil should be defeated (i.e., Thor is the champion of slaying wicked trolls, Thor led legions of warriors to battle against the Sons of Musspell at Ragnarok, etc).

Jesus is best represented by his body, which he sacrificed by refusing to fight. Thor is best represented by his hammer, which he uses to slaughter the enemies of his people.

Which ethos is commendable? Which ethos will save the West? The one that accepts perversion and tolerates evil, or the one that preaches that it should be eradicated?

I submit to you that Christianity is going to be the ruin of the West, just as it was for the Roman Empire (i.e., Christians refused to fight and the Germanic peoples--the followers of Donner/Thor--destroyed Rome).

Worship Jesus all you want; all I ask is that you not get in the way of those of us who will actually defend Western civilization.
The Norse people were also taught that their Gods would be eventually defeated by evil (the Giants). The Norse knew that Asgard would fall and Valhalla would be no more. Although the Norse Gods were heroic and would certainly go down fighting (as a Norse warrior should), they were just too weak to defeat their enemies.