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Originally Posted by Nate Richards View Post
If a kid took a year and saved for truck and welder etc, and took some juco classes on pipe-welding or better yet just find a pipewelder that needs a helper and learn from him, he can come up here and be making over 50 an hour right off the bat.
I went through welding school back in the day. Pipe welding is considered difficult. The test you would need to pass would be rigorous. After you performed the test the weld would be cut down the middle and it would need to be excellent. Not just okay. Just keep this in mind. If you don't know how to weld it is not something that can be learned on the fly in your garage with an old Lincoln welder. Or rather the skill level you would need to be a pipe welder in North Dakota is something you would need a couple years experience to master. Might as well go to welding school.