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Originally Posted by HatedontMasturbate View Post
this really disturbs me

that our own government would pay these people to study a 'problem' such as this

the bizarre hypocrisy

the war on terror is obviously a war of white supremacy. surely the war on white supremacy is a joke.

you mean, jews ride the wave of white supremacy and wage all these idiotic wars for shits and giggles, but is actually shitting on the mouth breathers who fight their wars so brazenly and unabashedly?

it's like the fuckin twilight zone

but from now on, i wil not post on internet, as my contributions of 10 posts per month, will no doubt be used to justify 200 or 300, $100K a year jobs for 'anti terrorist' parasites.

i can imagine a world where nazis won and I was paid $100k a year to study niggers and jews and faggots , why not that universe? that dimension? why this one?

for the most part, let's be honest, we have white Americans to thank for this. they think by betraying the bottom 90% of whites to negro barbarism they are being glorious but all they have done is ruined the entire fucking galaxy.

this shitshow that will come about will probably be so horrible it will cause other planets to get involved, and fight over how bad it is.

if Nazis had one, every single stormfront and VNN poster would have a $250K a year job keeping the subversives in check, and they would be worth every penny

how much are they paying you ...I had to ask

Even the score, six million more!