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Originally Posted by Tomasz Winnicki View Post
Paradoxically, those technologically superior Anglo-Saxon Germanics (usually Christian) SUCK OFF JEWS THE HARDEST.

What must happen, I think, is that those superior technologists (whatever extraction of White they are) must introduce their own monetary system backed by actual goods/services (whether actual produced goods, developed techniques, patents, etc.) Currently, no matter how smart they are, no matter what massive production they're capable of... they have to come over to the usurer bankers, on their knees, begging for loans (which have to be paid back with interest, of course). It baffles me that they have not done this decades ago. This problem is far beyond me to solve. For example, what value should have been placed on Tesla's invention of alternating current or Konrad Zuse's first electronic programmable computer, or Dennis Ritchie's C compiler?

Sometimes I want to [CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED] those superior technologists... because they're not helping us. I'm thinking of [CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED] them right now.
Originally Posted by Nikola Bijeliti View Post
Hitler tried that about eight decades ago, and we all know what happened to him. Kennedy tried that nearly six decades ago, and we all know what happened to him. Who will be the next to try that?
That is true, we have to remove the Jews from the banking system because that is how they control the economy.