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Originally Posted by Ron Doggett
VNN'er SA Mann and I just returned from the 1,200 mile round trip. 10,000 TAA#3-A picked-up and will soon be ready to go. SA Mann is taking 2,000 of them to southern VA and Ironguard1940 and I will be putting out the 9,500 we have. It rained the whole way back from the printers but thanks to our tarps and the plastic wrap from the printers all are dry. SA Mann did a great job of driving in the pouring rain and many thanks to him for the use of his truck. I just provided the cash and the company, we had a great time with our racial mission. and will have even a better time getting them out. :cheers:
Ron, glad to see you and SA Mann had a safe 1,200 mile trip, in spite of bad weather. Printers said you were right on time yesterday and that you'd picked up 10,000 TAAs. Fred Perry and I just returned with 16,000 a few minutes ago. Good trip. No rain.

Two more VNN missions successfully accomplished, bringing the total number of TAA 3's printed to a whooping 70,000 copies.

NOTE: Latest printing made huge improvements in clarity of photos, thanks to Alex's communications with printers. Latest copies also added my phone number in large letters on back page, which should result in more phone contacts. And our website. appears on several pages along with suggestions to loggon. Big overall improvement in issue TAA 3-A.
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