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Thanks for the post of these two great columns, Alex. Chis Donovan will definitely go in my mental file as a "must-read" commentator: excellent writer and an intellect to spar easily with the juden who won't allow a voice of this timbre.

I guess it's been at least fifty or sixty years ago that Prof. Harry Elmer Barnes penned his first articles on "the historical blackout." Barnes's focus was primarily on the refusal of publishers or scholarly journals to deal with historical or political analysis that failed to live up to their tender leftist expectations. Today. Donovan details the quantum move forward of the blackout that now includes any racially conscious material on any subject if the subject concerns or involves Whites. Whites have been marked for extermination; they no longer exist except as buffoons and foils to be played off by the always meritorious "people of colour."

Perhaps the one note of hope in Donovan's otherwise all too accurate and dreary assessment of today's "journalism" is his concluding line:

"For the Times to voluntarily reach out like this, something incredible would have to happen. Itís more likely to be forced along by overwhelming current events. The question is, how much longer can it keep whites as a group at bay?"

Those events may well be nearing.

For example, the incredible "last gasp" effort, made today by the Federal Reserve Bank in concert with a number of other international central banks, whereby the general fiat currencies are to be summarily inflated by an amount equal to the estimated total of the bad debt held by the totality of the banking industry, appears at first glance to have succeeded in tricking Wall Street into belief that "peace is at hand." Perhaps,once again, the central bankers will foist yet another degree of slavery upon the slaves of their global plantation. Perhaps, once again, the worker bees will shoulder the load and happily pay off the billionaire's bad debts through the sacrifice of their own children. But perhaps not.

As none other than George Soros has observed, a fundamental aspect of the current business collapse is the use of outdated business models to support new financial products that in fact do not comport with the models chosen to support them. If the credit crunch and financial collapse are to be remedied by the infusion of a few trillions of inflated FRNs, the treatment can only be hoped to succeed if the banks in fact can get the "funds" loaned out into circulation. Now this may work, but the banks face a formidable problem: most potential "customers" for their new loans are now the same deadbeats who have effectively bankrupted them in the first place. Should the banks in fact continue to pour "funds" into the gaping maw of insolvency, it will become quickly apparent that the only source of actual "money" to accomodate this farce is the productivity of the workers - workers who actually produce. All this assumes that the Fed's new ploy will succeed.

IMHO "success" (ala' the 400+ point run-up in the DJIA this afternoon) must be very shortlived. The results of "not-success", eg. failure, will be even more readily apparent.

Then we can look for Mr. Donovan's "overwhelming current events" to move to the fore. And what will the NYT do then?
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