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Post Garron Helm is Free, National Action Reports

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer

November 1, 2014

Though I do not have the details, National Action is reporting on their Twitter page that Hero Garron Helm has been freed from the ZOG cage he was locked in after calling a Jew a Jew on the internet.

Definitely not a whole four weeks served. Is this them backing down? I donít think so. The precedent is still on the books, and sentences can be progressively increased easily.

Still, a victory worthy of a hail.

This does not mean that Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch should cease. On the contrary, they have shown weakness by releasing Helm early, which means now is the time to hit them all the harder. Keep going. Keep making new accounts when youíre deleted. The operation will not cease until Luciana Berger is deported to Israel, leaves voluntarily for Israel, or we are all murdered by Jews.

Hail Victory.

Andrew Anglin

read full article at source: http://www.dailystormer.com/garron-h...ction-reports/