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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
There are two naturally coloured races around in this world ( by 'naturally colored' I mean melanin-colored; the 'dark races' ): Negroes and Aborigines . .

. . then , there are the people with whom they mixed . .

( the Hindu people in ancient times mixed with the dark-skinned people of South-Asia of whom the Aborigines lving in Australia today are descendants;the Arab/Muslim/ Middle Eastern world is largely miscegenated with Africans)

Broadly speaking, these are the 'coloured peoples' of this world.

Let's characterize . . .

Sub-Sahran Negroes are , by nature, savage.

Aborigines also are a very low people ,low in the sense that they haven't founded a civilisation , not even close . . . 'Tribal hunters' . .

And somebody still tell me the dark races of this world cannot be regarded as 'uncivilized' . .

- -
The dark races of this world are often into cannibalism ,into brutality ,into uncleanliness (in the way that they often dwell like the cattle) , into mutilation.

Let's go on and look at the people with whom they miscegenated.


. . today India is a filthy place.

The Arab world . . .

. . . not what it used to be.

- - - -

. . . the naturally dark-skinned peoples of this world are savages . .

Their genes have already ruined civilzations . .

- - - - -

For the sake of completion. .

Above I mainly gave Aryan peoples with whom they miscegenated (the Arab-world , the Hindu-world . . ) ,others also carry their genes worldwide . .

For example the further south one goes in Asia, chances are the people get darker . .

The Asians living in those areas also got their genes.

And there are even Asian/Melanesian mixes in the Indonesian islands. .

There are people like the Papua for example.

- - -

So . . to sum this up . . . dark-skins are savages . .

History has proven it time and again . . . .

- - - -

For the record , even in Cambodia ( South-Eastern-Asian state ) cannibalism thrived . . . the Cambodians often also carry genes from the dark-skins of South Asia . .

- - -

Dark-Skins are dangerous . . By their very nature and also a dangerous people to miscegenate with . .

( see above facts)

Mankind might fall into the black . .

Skillet - Falling Inside The Black [HQ]

Should i start talking about Europe again? Shall i bring up the Roman text on the Germanic Tribes again?
Medieval Sourcebook:

I mean... we could always bring up the Siege of Leningrad, if you want to talk about Savagery....
Siege of Leningrad: 872 days of hunger and bombardment

I mean brUh you keep tossing around that " Savage " word.. but im l1 click away from copying and pasting everything i have on Europeans and their wars to prove a point lol.