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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
ANYTIME . . I LOVE countering you

Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo !

. . another one of those 'dem Germanics were savages 'til Romans civilized 'em' type-arguments.

As I have already said in this post Germanics were more or less 'on trek'.
To a degree it is true that they weren't (((that high))) on the civilisation-ladder until being exposed to the Romans but, like I said , they came into Europe from Eurasia ,were 'on trek' . .

And . . concerning the savagery of the Negro ( multilation , bestiality ,cannibalism et al ) , they weren't EVEN CLOSE TO THAT . . .


Most wars where Europeans cut each other's throat were instigated by the NWO ( AND . . I'm talking about mega-wars, NOT merely one country batteling one's neighbour ( which is a natural occurance in history . .) )

. . . good contribution to this thread . .

lol , if you find my posting of 'the gmork' funny , just an attempt on my part to picture an 'evil black appearance' , lol

Of course our wars are more deadly. The Negro lacks the capacity, industrial or intellectual, to wage war on anything like the scale of the White race. But 'savagery' is not measured by death toll but in the manner of it. One can easily point to any peoples in the mist of war and find brutality. The stakes are usually correspondingly high.
The savagery of the Negro can be seen on any given day as a common aspect of their existence. Savagery of a sort and degree which has not been known anywhere else on the planet for centuries.
Where but among the Negroid race could there exist problems like chopping off the arms of albinos for the magical value? Where else in the modern world could you find hundreds women confined to 'Witch Camps'? And those are the lucky ones that manage to escape their villages alive. Their nature is inclined to extreme acts that in others would require extreme circumstances, at least.
In the absence of war or anything whatever to be gained or lost such savagery is commonplace.
We are certainly not incapable of horrific acts. As a kid I regarded the history of our own religionists burning witches as quite savage but then I had nothing to compare the accounts to. The savagery present in the Negroid burnings (which still occur today) has no parallel in our history.

The Religious in Africa Burning Accused Witches -

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