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Jean West

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Point of this forum is to document nationalism around the world today. White nationalism, for the most part, but other nationalism too. Golden Dawn is the leading party in the white west, so it has pride of place in the naming of this forum. We'll have #1 threads for nationalist parties across the rest of the world, whether they are real or fake. I'm open to any ideas about additional threads or ways of organizing this forum. I may try to pull up our strategy section and fit it in here somehow.
I like the idea of the Strategy section. Golden Dawn will remain the primary movement. I think I've seen Germany, France, England, and Italy all represented in threads today. There are probably things posted in the Europe section in the individual countries that relate specifically to nationalist activity. I actually printed out a site map a few weeks ago to help me figure out where to put things. If it's any help, the only thing about which I'm somewhat of a stickler for organization is data, so as to find things fast, before the train leaves the station.