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Originally Posted by Jean West View Post
I like the idea of the Strategy section. Golden Dawn will remain the primary movement. I think I've seen Germany, France, England, and Italy all represented in threads today. There are probably things posted in the Europe section in the individual countries that relate specifically to nationalist activity. I actually printed out a site map a few weeks ago to help me figure out where to put things. If it's any help, the only thing about which I'm somewhat of a stickler for organization is data, so as to find things fast, before the train leaves the station.
What I did in the country sections was to try to provide some main threads for the history of the country, so someone could just read that thread and get the basic picture. This has been achieved for Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia, in particular. That is, whenever I came across good background/explanatory pieces, usually from a WN (say, from Pierce) or conservative, putting that in the thread. And then having a news section to update it from there. But there's only so much time. Others have to help update if they want stuff to be current. If you go into the Australia section, you'll see the stuff you posted from Windschuttle is already organized in there, so that you have the entire history of the land, the jewish involvement in promoting anti-white Abo privileges, and the latest news as that stuff moves forward.

In Strategy, I've tried to document and 'fix' or sticky every strategy I've come across, regardless of politics of party involved.

Verbal section is aimed at documenting Semitical Correctness, how language is used to distort and falsify reality in line with the judeo-marxist agenda.

Since jews are the main enemy, I've put them up top as The Problem - and tried to assemble a massive amounts of stickies that prove by news stories alone (as opposed to analytical pieces) that jews really are responsible for most of the nastiness plaguing the west.

And then for The Solution, I have written a number of essays explaining my view of how we can win - namely by infighting according to guidelines I set until one tendency dominates, at which point the others will fall in line. What is unique in my approach is I advocate attacking conservatives, not pretending they're on our side. We are fighting for the same people. Golden Dawn does this in practice. But this mindset is foreign to American WN - they brag about any connection they might have to some famous conservative like Pat Buchanan. They are politically naive, and like most Americans, interested only in being thought well of by others.

In short, we have identified and tracked all the problems, and provided the solutions. So I'm not sure what the problem is?

What would help is if people took responsiblity for updating certain #1 threads. Also, #1 threads are not supposed to be clever or funny, they're supposed to basic headers for ongoing, important stuff. As always, we're trying to give outside readers a clear context for understanding things. We're trying to impart our view, as opposed to what they get on tv. #1 threads help this because the reader can go to, say, our sticky South Africa thread, and in an hour of reading, get the entire background and WN view of what's going on there. Or he can go to our #1 Detroit or Philadelphia thread and get the racial history of that city, along with the most recent or relevant news items as the place evolves racially.

All this, together, is what a forum can do. Then we have two forums up top, This Just In and General Discussion, for evanescent news items, or discussions of any particular thing someone is interested in getting others' perspectives on.