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Originally Posted by Jean West View Post
I like the idea of the Strategy section. Golden Dawn will remain the primary movement. I think I've seen Germany, France, England, and Italy all represented in threads today. There are probably things posted in the Europe section in the individual countries that relate specifically to nationalist activity. I actually printed out a site map a few weeks ago to help me figure out where to put things. If it's any help, the only thing about which I'm somewhat of a stickler for organization is data, so as to find things fast, before the train leaves the station.
Well, the Euro countries never took off much, except UK. My idea was to take news items concerning nationalism in those countries and stick them in a stickied "news" thread so we could be updated. But not too many other people (besides Serbian) were helping with that, and we don't have huge numbers from the various European countries, even the big ones like Germany and France, so they just kind of sit there unused. But I am proud of what we have for South Africa, Zimbabwe and Australia, in particular. Really, Germany is probably the one county that matters that we don't have nearly enough on. There's not that much to date in the Afro/Asia region, we have UK and USA and Canada covered. We have a good spanish/portugese section, and until recently a good French section. We're watching Golden Dawn and Greece around the clock. Now we're even starting to learn a little about the other countries in Eastern Europe. We have always watched Russia, but it's not as easy to judge as most of the others. We have one-two good people to tell us about Scandinavia, that's about all we need for that area.