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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

You see how jews ground and enculturate their kids in a jewish context - here is who we are, as a people. Here is the path we've trod. Here is our history. Here is our meaning. Here is your role in the drama. You are a link in the chain. You are part of something great and long-lasting. Don't let the group down. Support the group, keep it going, improve it.

That's what whites need. It doesn't work against ethnic nationalism either, it envelops and reinforces it. Contrary to what various people claim, namely our political enemies (who have no problem figuring out who's white when it comes to writing laws discriminating against us) and our religious enemies (who claim race is an abstraction, whereas something like catholicism is real!), our race is the natural basis of our identification, and we can take pride in what our ancestors have done over the last five thousand years.