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jewsign Whorehouse Shiksa`s Were Spanked.

My uncle Hershel got me my first job at the age of 16, it was managing a whorehouse in NYCs garment center. Since I spoke Yiddish and also English and was not bashful about being called a pimp I was an asset to my uncle. The clients were wealthy Yids who put rags and furs together and sold them as dresses and coats. The live in whores were German blond blue eyed Shiksa's` imported from a Mid-Western community. For an extra fee the shiksa's were spanked in retaliation for the Holocaust, but no blood was allowed to be shed. Some of the whores became wives of wealthy Yids who had them entertain visiting customers. Business became slow when the garment center was sold to China and the whorehouse was closed.