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Surprisingly, some of my posts were NOT censored on Quora.

You might be wondering how the central banks in most Western countries evolved historically. Most people assume that their governments acted in good faith in the public interest and that these banking systems were intended and designed to benefit them. They could not be more wrong.

During the middle ages, gold coins were used as money. Gold is heavy, and thieves would try to steal it. So people who had a lot of gold, but who didn't have any safe places of their own to keep it, began renting strongboxes from others who promised to keep the gold secure. For a fee, of course. Think of it as a rented locker for gold coins.

Most of the people who owned the deposited gold were European nobles. Most of the people to whom the gold was entrusted for safekeeping were goldsmiths. And most of the goldsmiths were Jews. Whenever a European noble would leave some gold with a Jewish goldsmith for safekeeping, he would get a receipt for the amount of gold he'd deposited, and by this receipt he would claim his gold again when he had need of it, reduced by the amount the Jew charged as his fee.

As the years went by, the nobles discovered that they could use the receipts as money of the "bearer bond" sort. Whenever the noble wanted to buy something, he didn't like to go running to the Jew to make a partial withdrawal of his deposit—especially since the Jew was charging for that service also. Instead, when he made his deposit, he had the Jew write him receipts for 1%, 5%, 10% portions of the gold on deposit, which added up to 100% altogether. And when the noble bought something from somebody, he would sign over the ownership of one of these fractional receipts to the seller. By this means paper money came into common use. Originally, it was a certificate by which an amount of precious metal could be claimed.

For a while, it is possible that the Jewish goldsmiths were scrupulously honest in their accounting. Maybe. But things didn't stay that way. Over time, the Jews discovered that the nobles had come to rely on their paper receipts as money, and they hardly ever came to call upon him for a return of their deposited gold. By careful estimation, the Jews calculated that they could safely begin using about 90% of this gold as they pleased. So they began lending the gold to third parties at interest. The Jews had no right to do this, since the gold didn't really belong to them, and each loan carried a risk of default or of simply being stolen by thieves.

Remember that the whole point of the Jews keeping the nobles' gold was to keep it safe, in a strongbox, so that thieves would not have an opportunity to steal it. So not only did the Jews begin taking income from lending valuable property that was not theirs to lend, the very act of their using the deposited gold in this manner was a breach of contract with the nobles who really did own the gold. The Jews had begun putting at risk what they had promised to shield from risk.

More time went by, and a further financial development came about. Instead of releasing to borrowers any of the gold right away, the Jews started writing promissory notes on the deposited gold. That's a note that promised to pay gold to someone who borrowed it—from the Jewish goldsmith, who didn't really own the gold that he was promising to pay with. Instead of walking out of the goldsmith's office with any actual gold, a borrower walked out with a promise written on a piece of paper. (A Jew's promise was supposed to be "as good as gold." Go ahead and laugh.) So now there was, upon each coin of gold in the Jews' strongbox, two written instruments by which it might be claimed. The first one was the receipt that the Jew had given to the noble, whose property the gold really was. The second one was the promissory note that the Jew had given to a borrower. And both the receipts and the promissory notes entered general circulation as paper money.

Since the Jews had taken the step of creating more possible claims on gold coins than could be satisfied by the number of gold coins they had, there didn't seem to be any reason for them to hesitate about issuing a second promissory note upon each gold coin, and then a third, and so on. And charge the full rate of interest against each borrower, as if they could have paid them all in real gold.

But although each gold coin could be claimed by more than one written instrument, the rate at which the Jews had to produce the actual gold coins was low enough that they never got caught short. If anyone had known that the Jews would be caught short of gold were all of the possible claimants to present their demands, there would have been a "run on the bank" as each depositor and each borrower tried to make sure that he wasn't one of the persons upon whom the Jew would have to default. But by maintaining the illusion that there was enough gold to pay everybody, the Jews were able to continue making promises to pay that they could not keep, and so they were also able to continue extracting interest on loans of gold whose aggregate principal was several times greater than the amount of gold—other people's gold!—that was actually in their strongboxes.

This was sort of a gamble for the Jews, during these early days of the Jewish banking swindle. If the nobles and the kings had caught on to the Jews' tricks soon enough, then matters could have been set aright by sending the king's soldiers to forcibly seize all the gold and to execute the offending, presumptuous Jews. But the European nobility did not catch on in time, or else they did not see where the Jews were going with their scam and so did not muster the necessary amount of concern to nip it in the bud.

And so the devil's seed grew. The Jews kept getting richer and richer by lending out other people's gold, and lending it in several different directions at once, while the working classes kept getting poorer and poorer because of the interest that the Jews charged on their loans.

For an explanation of how usury impoverishes nations, see the video Swindling the Goyim: Secrets of Banking.

Eventually, the Jews had so much money by this means that kings who found themselves in need of funding started coming to them for loans, which meant that the Jews began to have financial leverage over the governments of Europe. Leverage that could be used, for example, to start wars. The Jews had an incentive to start wars because, being expensive, wars forced governments to borrow from them further and going ever more deeply into debt, which provided the Jews with an income from the interest. The more war, the more borrowing, the more debt, the more interest, the more wealthy the Jews got, the more the Jews could incite more wars, forcing governments to do more borrowing... and so on.

And that's why Europe's history went the way it did, for the past 400 years.

Several Jewish families, including the Rothschilds and the Warburgs, formalized their financial swindles as banking houses. It was still the same assortment of cheats and tricks, only now it had a patina of respectability from the spaciousness of the lobby, the sumptuousness of its furnishings, the dress and grooming of its employees, etc. And this predatory Jewish activity continues today as the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of England, the House of Rothschild, and other institutions that might strike you as respectable until you know what they really are: huge financial frauds, the like of which the law should never treat with friendly hands, improperly, immorally, and treasonously given legal sanction.

Henry Ford, writing in the Cleveland News on 20 September 1923, recognized that the only way for the world to escape from the snare of Jewish finance was to round up all of the Jews who were involved in its scams and "control them"; i.e., either execute them or hold them fast and incommunicado in a prison until they died.

"Get hold of fifty of the wealthiest Jewish financiers, the men who are interested in making wars for their own profit. Control them, and you will put an end to it all." —Henry Ford

The Federal Reserve System never was intended to be a benefit to the American people. It was a continuation of a Rothschild project to bring the United States of America into the web of Jewish high-finance.

The Federal Reserve Act was passed by a rump Congress during the Christmas recess in December 1913, while most of our national lawmakers were at home with their families. In its anticipation were made two changes to the US Constitution.

The first change, in 1868, was Section 4 of the 14th Amendment: “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.” That means it was to be unconstitutional for Congress to repudiate the national debt of the United States through legislation; the Jews wanted to block that means of escape as best they could.

The second change, in February 1913, was the adoption of the 16th Amendment, which enabled Congress to levy tax on the incomes of US citizens without bothering with apportionment among the states. When the Federal Reserve Act was passed ten months later, the conspiracy between the Jews who had pushed for it and the federal government they’d suborned into high treason was legally ready to put every citizen into a locked harness.

The Federal Reserve is the corporate top predator on the capitalist economy. Its victims are both ordinary citizens and corporations who must pay tribute to the FRS through income taxes applied to their profits. The corporations, however, pass along their share of the burden to the citizens via the prices of the goods and services they sell. This price inflation is one of the two causes of the steady reduction in the American standard of living. The other cause is the devaluation of the currency, the US dollar, which results from the government borrowing money that it can’t pay back, resulting in yearly budget deficits that add to the national debt, on which those who run the FRS charge interest. Devalued currency also contributes to the apparent inflation of prices.

Although the Jews had something like the Federal Reserve System in mind at least as long ago as the mid-1800s, the specific plans on how to inflict it on America were made in 1910, on Jekyll Island in Georgia, whence the conspirators sneaked, having adopted fictitious identities for the purpose, traveling separately to their rendezvous point in Brunswick GA, upon the pretense that they were ordinary fellows merely embarked on a duck hunt. They included Paul Warburg and Nelson Aldrich.

The current FRS chairman, Janet Yellen, is Jewish. She’s the 15th Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, and the 7th Jewish Chairman. Of the remaining eight, two Chairmen were of near-Jewish ancestry. And we can probably assume that the other six were men whom the Jews believed friendly to themselves.

The population of the United States is 2% Jewish.


Jewish FRS Chairmen: Eugene Isaac Meyer, Eugene Robert Black, Arthur Frank Burns, Paul Adolph Volcker, Alan C. Greenspan, Ben Shalom Bernanke, Janet Yellen.

William P. G. Harding and Daniel Richard Crissinger.

I’ve heard conflicting summaries of the ancestry of Roy Archibald Young.
This post has been censored on other Jew/Leftist run forums. I don't know why Quora let it pass. I mean, it tells more of the truth that is in conflict with lies that Jews have been telling, so you'd think it would be censored on a place like Quora.

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