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Originally Posted by Fritz Kuhn
Look at this photo of Max Boot - tell me if he looks like a jew:


As for Murdoch's jewish ancestors, why not have someone in Australia snap a photo of the grave of one of his grandparents or great-grandparents - jews are buried in jewish cemeteries with jewish symbols of their gravestones. That will end the argument in a hurry.
Gee, I should set up my own website - "Ask Abzug".

This is like showing me a picture of a poodle and asking "Does this look like a bulldog?"

This fellow looks European. Obviously. Put him in the Middle East, or on any other continent, he is going to look like a European. What is "Boot", a Dutch name? He doesn't look like my idea of Dutch. One photo is not enough to go on, but I don't see any tell tale signs in this one. Looks kind of sneaky to me though. If he was working the drive thru window at Taco Bell, I would count my change.

But he is not working at Taco Bell, he is in a jewy profession with a jewy name like Max. Therefore, I would put him on possible jew alert right there. (My daughter always jokes she is going to name my future grandchildren "Max" and "Lucy" to piss me off. )
But if he is Dutch, maybe Max is a normal name there, I don't know.

To conclude my dissertation - everyone you see in the public eye is going to be jewish, married to a jew or working for the jews. It hardly makes a difference! But if he is a jew, as he probably is, Max Boot's got enough white blood on both sides to cancel it out in his own physical appearance.

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