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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

I do not know, but some of you may know, whether Reuel Marc Gerecht, Gary Schmitt or Andrew Ferguson are jews.
Ferguson was at TAS when I was there. He's no jew. Gerecht is a jew, 95% sure. Schmitt, don't know. German name, but in the opping business, assume jew until proven otherwise. If Boot's not a jew, I'd be surprised. He has that too-smart quick-n-clever cockroachy sophomoric stupidity about him. Excessively bright-eyed Feith delinquent feel.

I spent a night years ago googling that E. Joy Greene, as I recall, all roads lead back to that one claim. I vaguely recall from some outside contacts that people familiar with her family laughed at the idea she was a jew, and that the Murdochs had married into money. These were not people accustomed to thinking in WN terms - with an eye for the hidden hebe. I think it was left that her family may well be/have been jews, but were not loaded the way that quote says. The Murdochs made the money, not the Greenes.