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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[Letter I received]


I admire all the hard work you do at VNN, but you've really dropped the ball big time on this one... i.e., reading the "Pink Swastika" on Radio Istina. On other issues you clearly have done loads of background research before presenting material. In this case, you seem to have come across a book with a thesis that you like and you're running with it before having checked its claims out in the least.

I have been a student of the Third Reich and its personalities form some 30-odd years now and can unreservedly state that Pink Swastika is one of the biggest cobbled-together loads of fertilizer to come down the pike in a long time. It is one lie, misstatement and twisted fact after another with that book. Of course, that's the beauty of such effrontery... to critique it takes an endless amount of time and labor. Little effort is involved in just throwing baseless charges around. Case in point: the authors cite the long-discredited and completely baseless claim that Hitler was a male prostitute during his Vienna years. This was a lie cooked up by the Communists in the late '20s as black propaganda against Hitler. To their credit, the gays themselves took the time to refute this puerile trashy book.( Of course, they did not do this out of any love for Adolf!

It should hardly be surprising that at least some gay men will be attracted to organizations projecting a strong male image. But this does not mean that these are gay organizations. The authors of Pink Swastika are merely playing the old "call your enemy Nazis" game. They have a problems with gays and so they smear them by calling them Nazis -- a tactic we are all familiar with. Please drop this book from Radio Istina (which is supposed to be about the factual truth, right?) and get on to more useful topics.

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