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Default Jew Control U.S. Foreign Policy

Drunk George Tenet lashed out at Bush’s neocons: ‘The Jews’ who tried to ‘pin the Iraq WMD fiasco on him

Goldberg says that the book’s prologue contains a “whopper of a scene” featuring former CIA director George Tenet “drunk on scotch, flailing about Prince Bandar’s Riyadh pool, screaming about the Bush Administration officials who were just then trying to pin the Iraq WMD fiasco on him.” Tyler reports that Tenet also “mocked the neoconservatives in the Bush administration” as “the Jews“:
The US/Israel relationship is one that is in serious need of reform.
In exchange for subsidizing Israel to the tune of Billion$ a year (with no interest and no strings attached) and underwriting various weapons systems that remain exclusive to Israel, and supplying them with munitions whenever they need them for their militaristic adventures the Israelis are exempted from supporting the US militarily (regardless of the cause), do whatever the hell they want, constantly spy inside the US and basically function as an ungrateful and demanding welfare case–Yet no politicians dare to examine just how the hell the US really benefits from this lopsided arrangement.