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Greg Gerdes
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Greg Gerdes

Notice Roberta's frantic attempts to change things again now that things have been boilded down to just the basics, to the point that even a retard can understand and follow them, she wants to try and change things again.

No Roberta, THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE is what it is. Just Treblinka and Sobibor. And no amount of your famous childish temper tantrums will change it. The only other major change will be - IF, like I said earlier:

If jew-lie Golden wants to accept THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE the way it was previously, which included Chelmno and Archaeology Magazine, I, and all twenty supporters will make any and all special accommodations for such an announcement. We will bend over backwards to make sure it happens. We will set up a new challenge independent of THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE, just for her. Just like we modified the FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE just to make it easier for you retardo.

In fact, nafcash challenges jew-lie golden and ARCHAEOLOGY magazine to accept a Chelmno / Archaeology Magazine challenge. Perhaps you and your fellow funny boy freaks over at HC (Hysterical and Cowardly HIV Contagious Homosexual Creeps espousing Holocaust Claptrap and other Historical Canards) can help nafcash make it happen. After all, you do want to help stop holocaust denial - don't you retardo?
The Chelmno / Archaeology magazine challenge is for jew-lie Golden and Archaeology magazine. If the faggots at HC want to join them, that's even better. But it needs to be a joint announcement. You yourself have agreed to be on that team:

"Speaking for myself (the others you must ask directly, see above), I accept"

So get your team together Roberta. When you have jew-lie Golden and Archaeology magazine and all your fellow funnyboys at HC online, make a publich challenge to nafcash.

We're waiting Retardo.

Are you women enough to get this team together?

Now, here's what we're waiting for retardo to do:

Tell us on what dates his partner shermer was physically in the Sobibor and Treblinka camps.

Show us photographs that prove he was in said camps on said dates.

Tell us on what dates his other partner Kola was physically in the Sobibor camp.

Show us photographs that prove he was in said camp on said dates.

Show us photographs of Kola excavating the alleged graves.

Show us photographs proving that said graves actually exist.

Tell us what the results were of the analysis of those soil core samples was.

Show us proof that the "huge ash mountain" of Sobibor is actually comprised of human ash.

Show us were the huge pit is that this "mountain of human ash" was dug out of.

And last - but certainly not least, we're waiting for Roberta to publish, in "SKEPTIC" magazine, proof that there exists just one mass grave that contains just one percent of the alleged mass murder at Sobibor and Treblinka.

What are you waiting for Roberta?

How long are you going to run away from these questions Roberta?