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Football fans held for violence and Nazi chants

31 May 2014

Supporters of Swedish football club Djurgården have thrown the club into the spotlight again after clashing with police and chanting sieg hiel amidst violent scenes in Örebro, central Sweden.

The altercation took place in a local pub in the early hours of Saturday morning. Stockholm club Djurgården were in town to play against Örebro in the latest round of fixtures in the Allsvenskan.

An estimated 20 male football fans threw bottles at police and security officers after the authorities arrived at the pub following an altercation there.

"The Djurgården supporters got very angry and began attacking the police and throwing things," said duty officer Dan Sööder to

He added the atmosphere got quite nasty as the supporters made a number of verbal threats and began making Nazi chants.

"They were screaming sieg heil and giving the Hitler salute," said Sööder.

Police managed to bring the situation under control by using tear gas. Two men, aged 51 and 26 respectively, were subsequently arrested on suspicion of violent rioting.

A separate report has also been opened in connection with the Nazi chants which are classified as a hate speech.

Earlier this year a supporter of Djurgården was killed in Helsingborg after two rival sets of football fans clashed in the city centre.

Following the incident some government ministers suggested banning away supporters from going to matches but no legislation has yet been passed.