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Nordic Resistance Movement district-leader Pär Sjögren convicted for hate speech ("incitement to racial hatred") and fined on the grounds of having tweeted: "Death to Zion. Long live Golden Dawn.".

Sweden's arbitrarily applied draconian speech-crime laws rivals those of the UK in grim absurdity.

Pär Sjögren convicted of posts on Twitter

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Today was sentenced Pär Sjögren against its negative for the crime of incitement to racial hatred by Falu District Court. The judgment relates to two messages posted on Sjogren Twitter.

Earlier today announced Falu District Court to Pär Sjögren, head of the Resistance fifth nest, convicted of incitement to racial hatred. The penalty was a daily fine of 5,000 kronor.

The district court said that two posts on Sjogren's Twitter account incited against Jews. One of the posts contained a picture of an ugly creature that ate up the Sweden Democrats' (kosher nationalists)party symbol.

The district court held that the ugly figure symbolized the Jewish people. The second panel included the following text:

Death to zion. Long live the Golden Dawn.
The post was published in conjunction with the Zionist organizations demanded that the Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn would be banned, but the district court nevertheless chose to interpret that post incited against Jews, not Zionists.

Sjögren himself denies that it is he who has published two posts on Twitter, claiming that other than himself have access to the account and can post things on it. Furthermore mean Sjögren that posts should reasonably be interpreted as criticism of the Zionists, do not hate the Jewish people. Therefore, the decision will be appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Realistens chief editor, Bjorn Björkqvist, has written a chronicle of the judgment and short interviews with Sjögren concerning the judgment.

Björkqvist pointed out the following scathing fact:

We have a society where it is free to post pictures where a parliamentary politicians are abused because it can not be taken as threatening, while it is an offense to publish a picture of a Jew munching a flower. Both images expressing criticism of the Sweden Democrats, but only the one that includes violence and blood is legal.

Finally writes Björkqvist that he wants to hate speech law to be abolished when the law is not being used "to prevent the incitement of hatred, but to judge inconvenient voices'.

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