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Swedish journalist union imposes self-censorship
2014 11 05

Comment: Diversity of opinion, Swedish style! Big congratulations to the Swedish journalist union for doing what they can to terminate Sweden’s long tradition of the freedom of the press and move Sweden even further towards censorship

The Swedish journalist union today unanimously voted through a change in the statutes that effectively muzzles non-leftist journalists in general and anyone writing anything positive about the nationalist party SD in particular.

The new clause is worded exactly like those of other unions, where anyone found to be an SD-supporter is immediately excluded, and the same wording that was used to ban Fox News.

“All union functionaries must [...] enforce and act to in accordance with the principle of people’s equal value,” in popular Orwellian newspeak.

In effect, it makes a free and unbiased media impossible, since anyone found not singing leftist praises equals not supporting “people’s equal value” equals exclusion from the union equals likely unemployment.

In other words, the predominantly leftist journalist union has imposed the same kind of censorship on the few non-leftist journalists that is usually seen in dictatorships.

The Swedish journalist union has about 17 000 members, making it a dominant force amongst the 20 000 journalists.


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