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Boy, what an informative article! I do notice, though, that Sunic doesn't mind using the term "WASP" to describe Puritan-minded scholars & military men. For as long as I can remember, WASP implied cork-up-the-ass and not much else, as if only white Anglo Saxon Protestants might have these attitudes. I wonder if Sunic has a poker up his own ass over his being neither anglo-saxon nor Protestant in his own origins.

Not to get off your topic too much, now, but wasn't it Sunic who looks askance at the idea of a whites-only nation-state, on the grounds that, given our history of killing each other over there in Europe for centuries, it would be only a matter of time before we are at each other's throats in our glorious new land. I am not saying he is wrong, I'm just wondering if all that slaughter necessarily occurred as a result of our excessive individualism or if maybe it is something that we have gotten out of our system once & for all.
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