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Karl Lueger

Its subtly promoting a deviation form what we would call traditional White morality, but using somewhat familiar settings. It implies that under the surface, and I'm not talking under the skin, there is an inborn degeneracy to the goyim, so the more we allow such hidden values to be expressed the more "liberated" we become, the younger the better.
It seems strange that a clear-skin commercial would have such dirty undertones..jews with the masks off and all that stuff..
Its no different than any movie you may see that shows a 'white society' but under its surface its teeming with every form of disgusting habit and idea.
Thats how jew mind rot spreads, by subtly infecting people to continually more excepting ideas, which although increasingly more harmful, the conditioning to the kike-message allows them to be accepted, until theres nothing left to oppose the kike-messenger.
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.