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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

At least if the money from these insane gas taxes were used to help stimulate the birthrate of white people and sterilize gypsies I wouldn't mind, but of course the opposite happens, money is poured into social programs for these parasites, in addition to it going to enemy state media and various anti nationalist and pro homosexual orgs.
Money in the us goes to muds and defective whites. It also goes into the vast wasteland of the US military, see the Stockman article Serbian posted in the Ukrainian thread.

If nazism is nothing but a welfare program for the left half the bell curve, then what good is it? This is a real theoretical problem with white politics. Well, not for me, I have the solution. I don't see much difference between what some of these NS want and what we have right now.

Yes, food prices would rise drastically and your entire economy would collapse, which I guess would be looked at as being a positive thing by some in the 'Movement'.
People wouldn't put up with it. There would just be a black economy. It would not be politically possible to do with absolute tyrannical control, people wouldn't accept it. The US is just too spread out. Europe is much more compact and populated. We need to travel, we can't have gas being extremely expensive. Sure, we should do more locally and we do. Also, business does what it can to save on fuel costs with just-in-time delivery chain technology (I used to write about this professionally) and, I just saw the other day, Walmart is developing trucks that get better gas mileage, they have a different wind profile. I should have posted that.

Politicians just make things worse. Let the market determine the price of gas. The US has poured tens of billions into alternative fuels, which is pure pork barrel politics. Air and sun can never supply more than fraction of the power needed. The pink oilers are just socialists by another name, the market moves right around them, as always. The last thing we need are self-important socialist experts running our economy. The human curse is there is never a shortage of people with no doubt about their great ability to solve any problem, but we saw what happened in the Soviet Union. Of course, no one learned from that.

That is true, but collusion and monopoly by well established comapanies who do not allow independents to enter the market is also a factor. The last thing the big boys, many of who also benefit from corporate welfare, want is fair competition.
I believe in the US that legal restrictions imposed by environmental groups are a far great problem.