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Stewart Meadows

Here's a pro-negro, anti-white op-ed from RT that's so ridiculous and over-the-top that it might as well have been written by your average jewish SJW group in the US:

As more and more black people are jailed in Britain, the so-called ‘fairness’ of the UK legal system is exposed for all to see

7 Feb, 2021 06:59

David Matthews is a writer whose work has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday and the Observer, and on the BBC and Channel 4. He is the author of several books, including Voices of the Windrush Generation.

(...) And for poor black kids, that storm will invariably become a tsunami. Figures just published by the UK government reveal that 51 percent of all young people in custody are from a so-called ‘BAME’ background, despite ethnic minorities making up just 14 percent of Britain’s population. For the overall prison population, BAMEs represent 25 percent of inmates.

This latest annual report on youth justice statistics doesn’t just highlight yet another example of the British state’s contempt for black people and ethnic minorities. It also reveals the pernicious way in which elites within the criminal justice system use racial profiling among the poor to jail young black people in ever increasing numbers, while happily letting their minions on the frontline of policing and the prison service take the heat from Guardianistas and radicals for being ‘racist pigs’ for seemingly overzealous stop-and-search policies or being ‘fascist prison guards,’ when they are, in fact, just doing their jobs.

This isn’t to say that the stench of bad apples within Britain’s yeomanry isn’t to be rooted out on the mean streets, prison wings and psychiatric wards, where they march to the beat of the ‘top brass’ drum. Feeling the boot heel from on high, a significant minority of grunts with badges or uniforms have always let a little bit of power go to their heads, using black people as a trope for their psychosexual inadequacies.

But just as the Windrush scandal laid bare the myth of the ‘motherland’ via the Home Office’s ill-treatment of former colonial – sorry, ‘British’ – subjects from the Caribbean, and the Tories’ laissez faire attitude towards disproportionate Covid infection rates among BAME communities demonstrates its indifference to the health and wellbeing of millions of BAME Britons, it’s the suits in the Crown Prosecution Service, the judiciary, the legal profession at large, and the probation, parole, social and psychiatric services who really hold a young black suspect’s fate in their hands.

As the political theorist Hannah Arendt might have said today, the wanton jailing of black youths is yet another example of the British establishment’s industrialised and systemic, “fearsome, word-and-thought-defying banality of evil.”

Since the Tories came to power in 2010, the proportion of young people in custody from a BAME background has nearly doubled (up from 28 percent) and is up from 49 percent in 2019. Black and ethnic youths remain the pariah group du jour.
This demonisation of black people, and young males in particular, fuels a stereotype that feeds the overwhelming majority of magistrates, judges, prosecutors and defence barrister’s prejudices – subconscious of otherwise – and thus informs courtroom strategy. Yet somehow, we’re meant to believe that the legal profession is beyond subjectivity.


abbreviation for Black, Asian, and minority ethnic: used to refer to people in the UK who are not white: