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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
The Delorean was seriously underpowered. Getting one to actually go 88mph was a meme back in the 80s, and you pretty much needed a train to push it like in the 3rd movie.

People took the underpowered engines out of them, and put corvette motors, or Chevy 350 CI V8s in them, but even then the car was really heavy and had piss poor power to weight ratio.

Tesla cars on the other hand are very fast. They got instant acceleration off the line, and can take off and leave a combustion engine on the line. Given that a Tesla is electric, you can bump the voltage up for one pass, and I've heard of people running custom software on them as well to further enhance the performance of them. Some drag strips won't even let you use an electric car in competition against combustion engines. A Tesla can out 60ft blown alcohol, and that's just nutty as hell considering one is street legal, and the other probably isn't (in most areas).
That's nothing--the Tesla Roadster that SpaceX launched into space was going 25,000 miles per hour and will eventually make a close flyby of Mars.
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