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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Looking back in the past I see leaders like Hitler who managed to control the Christians or at least guide them in a positive direction. We can simply placate them and guide them down a path, which will eventually lead to this Jewish religion dying out in a generation or 2. Its a problem that can't be solved overnight.

The Christians who are getting treated like shit, and are still pro-Jewish are the sheeple. There are some of these people who half way wise up, but still maintain their religion, and these should be the people we should seek to acquire in the movement.

You should ask Rounder how many Christians he had in his ranks. He managed to guide them toward more positive goals.

Christians aren't the cream of the crop or the sharpest tools in the shed, but if they are rallied toward more positive goals they go out in the street and support the cause, and can be good soldiers on the street.
They all need lobotomies.