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Christianity cannot completely be viewed as a problem as the White race achieved extreme levels of power and technological supremacy over other races while the various Christian churches were very powerful.

The most dangerous element of Christianity in my opinion is its universalism which tends to expand the sphere of social priority beyond that of the nations of our race. Though obviously there are many different versions of Christianity, some of which do not do this, but as to which version of Christianity is the 'true' version of Christianity, well, that is debatable.

I think the best way to handle Christianity within White Nationalist circles is to treat it as but one religion amongst many religions.

I'm not certain if any god, gods or supernatural forces are at work, and if they do, I do not know exactly who they are, nor what their plans are, nor whether or not they involve us, for better or for worse. But what I am more certain of is that survival is the mutual objective of all living things, and that if White mortal men and women do not secure the appropriate survivalistic means, they could find themselves in a very difficult position.

We need to do what we must to survive and thrive.